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Founded 2021.

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We ask scientific questions that serve societal purposes. Working at the nexus of fundamental biology, applied science for policy, and advocacy through environmental literacy, we seek out research avenues that cross disciplines to advance our understanding of the natural world and increase the diversity of voices in our climate solutions. 

Climate change is a society-scale problem that is disproportionately affecting low-income and marginalized peoples and communities of color. We have a responsibility to understand how our ecosystems and communities can foster resilience in these changing times. Climate justice is social justice. Climate action cannot be achieved without society-wide support, across partisan lines. We recognize the experiences of all community members and work to achieve common goals. We cannot conduct our science in isolation, nor can we advocate for climate solutions without fundamental scientific research. 

Dr. Richelle Tanner has an interdisciplinary background in integrative biology, environmental studies, and music performance. She also serves in numerous leadership positions in science communication for the public and in peer-reviewed journals, with a strong focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. Her unique approach to both science and the science of science communication culminates in a research group that does not sit in any one field of study, where all research projects incorporate intersectional environmentalism as a core theme. 


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