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Please continue to watch this space for updates as our community grows and learns.


value is a unifying belief held by all members of our lab and our associates. Values are rooted in personal experience and societal upbringing.

Empathy for all perspectives




Lifting voices historically silenced

Protection of our natural world


A standard is a governing rule of our lab operations. Standards guide our community of practice, conflict resolution, and the pursuit of new research themes.

Respect is earned

We learn together

Our responsibility is to our communities

Researchers are compensated for their work

We hold compassion and understanding for others


responsibility is an obligation to our community. Responsibilities direct our research focus, new collaborations, and the balance between our focus on traditional peer-reviewed science and science in service of society.

Advocacy is self-directed

We do not speak on behalf of anyone

Community partners are equals in the research process

Resources we use in our group

Resources we draw from

Dr. Tanner has facilitated a number of JEDI trainings for different groups. Click here to see a sample pre-reading.

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