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Our research projects are continuously evolving as new researchers bring their own ideas into the SEACR Lab. Reach out to Dr. Tanner if you're interested!


Dr. Richelle Tanner

Tanner nudibranch.JPG

Principal Investigator

Richelle is an interdisciplinary scientist interested in how climate change impacts our social and ecological communities. For more information, visit

Susie Landa

Image from iOS.jpg

Lab Technician 

Susie graduated from UC Davis in 2021, where she worked with Dr. Tanner on wetland restoration projects. She is interested in geological oceanography and climate change reform.

Dr. Gaby Keeler-May


Postdoctoral Researcher

Gaby is an interdisciplinary scientist interested in coastal conservation and resource management. She is leading our project in the CA Delta on motivating collective action in diverse landowners in Phragmites regional coordinated management.

Fall 2023 researchers:
Lorena Munoz (2021-pres.)
Riya Belani (2022-pres.)
Josie Lester (2022-pres.)

Maisey Runkel (2022-pres.)
Alyssa Stoneman (2022-pres.)
Micah Kim (2022-pres.)
Liz Wakamatsu (2022-pres.)
Ryan Kerzic (2022-pres.)
Natalie Peterson-Hunt (2023-pres.)
Emma Dudley (2023-pres.)

Cintya Felix (2023-pres.)
Ashley Lam [UCLA] (2023-pres.)
Mona Patterson (2023-pres.)
Dylan Luu (2023-pres.)
Devyn Pon (2023-pres.)
Billy Ross (2023-pres.)

Koa Tanner


Lab(oratory) lab(radoodle)

Koa is the dogtor in residence who presides over Dr. Tanner's office. He is preparing his dissertation on correspondence between attention-seeking behavior and belly rubs. He likes long walks on the beach and hugs from neighborhood cats.

Former Lab Members

Chapman researchers:
Max Burrous - 2022-2023
Athenna Gonzalez - 2022-2023
Kate Hartshorn - 2022-2023
Alison McKenery - 2022-2023
Taylor Price - 2022
Sam Shlafstein - 2023
Nuria Schettino Gonzalez - 2022-2023
Ishan Sharma - 2022-2023
Veronica Warner - 2022-2023
Megan Barajas - 2022-2023
Berkana McDowell - 2021-2023
Alexis Hernandez - 2022
Benji Persons - 2022
Kelly Ly - 2022

Community college summer researchers:
Emily Gentz (Saddleback College) - 2022
Paulina Gonzalez (Saddleback College) - 2022
Albert Valencia (Cypress College) - 2022
Marlenne Ortega (Cypress College) - 2022
Madison Beltran (Irvine Valley College) - 2021
Samira Rezaeian (Saddleback College) - 2021

UC Davis researchers:
Lorna Haworth (lab technician) - 2020-2022
Susie Landa - 2020-2022
Cameron Gilbert - 2020-2022
Ava Pacheco - 2020-2022
Alma Meckler-Pacheco - 2020-2022
Charlie Woidat 
- 2020-2022
Shuqi Ren - 2021-2022

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